Bifröst: the rainbow bridge to Asgard


We are sure that your knowledge of Nordic mythology includes the famous bridge linking the world of men (Midgard) with the kingdom of the gods, which is none other than Asgard.

This bridge, as we have seen so many times in Viking films and even in the very famous Marvel films referring to Thor, is the Bifröst.

This construction is known as the "fiery rainbow bridge". It is said that the Bifröst ends, as it could not be otherwise, in the vault of Heimdal.




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It is said that the God Heimdal, son of Odin and guardian in the Bifröst, possessed a powerful vision and a fine ear, so perfect that he could hear the grass grow...

His almighty essence made him resist several sleepless nights. Such superhuman characteristics made him the perfect guardian.

Heimdal was given by his father with a great horn, with which he used to announce the war between gods and giants. Such a battle would give way to the arrival of the end of the world, better known in Nordic mythology as the Ragnarök.

Are you associating him now with one of Thor's movies...?




In the well-known Nordic legends it is said that the arrival of the Ragnarök would bring with it the destruction of the Bifröst, given the virulence of the battle.

But Odin wasn't going to let it be taken away so easily.

For this reason he used the extraordinary talents of his son Heimdal for the permanent surveillance of the bridge.

Heimdal faithfully complied with his father's ordinance for a long time, interrupting only when his father told him to take charge of Asgard while he rested.

With Odin again recovered, Heimdal returned to his work.

The Bifröst used to be used by some Asgardians, expressly authorised by the Nordic god, to visit the land from time to time. These were Thor and his friend, companion and partner, Sif, even the crafty Loki, who was permanently forbidden to visit the land, obtained divine permission from God Odin.




It is said that Thor worshipped the land of men, Midgard, so that his visits were frequent, and his stays long.

On such journeys, Thor delighted in earthly feasts and enjoyed them, of course, with mead.

Thor's wife, Sif, on the other hand, was not in tune with her husband's tastes, which often shaken the couple's foundations. Thor always gave in to Sif's wishes and returned to Asgard to please her.

On one of those voyages to Midgard, Asgard was left unprotected from Thor's care, and Amora and Ares (god of war) took advantage of the occasion to try to take control of the world of the æsir.

In such a circumstance, both took power by blocking the Bifröst, with the intention of preventing Thor from returning from the land to defend his people.

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Could it be that Thor, Odin's son, gave us humans the recipe for this drink so special for us?

If this theory were so, welcome the god of thunder.