Heimdal: Odin's least known son


Previously we talked about Bifröst "the rainbow bridge" that we knew as connecting the world of humans with the world of the Nordic gods and their legendary guardian Heimdal and today we want to delve into his personal history, since he is one of Odin's lesser-known sons.

Today we know the name of Heimdal and some battles thanks to the films of Thor and therefore this is the one we know best, the god of thunder because their battles are legendary and their stories endless.




It is said that Heimdal was born from an experience of Odin taking a walk by the sea, in which he got to know nine giant ladies with whom he fell in love.

Arriving to marry all of them, the giants gave rise to the conception of Heimdal, the guardian of Asgard and watchman of the Bifröst, which today we know as "the burning rainbow bridge".

Since Heimdal was a mestizo being Æsir and Jotun, he was born with a size much larger than his brothers, without becoming a giant but one of the tallest and with a force that equalled that of his brother Thor and Tyr, the god of war.

Since Heimdal had a duty of great responsibility, it was all thanks to his keen senses, since Heimdal barely needed time to rest, was able to see hundreds of kilometres away and was even said to be able to hear the grass grow.




Heimdal possessed the white armor of Asgard, his great sword and the horn of moon baptized as "Gjallarhorn" with which was announced the end of days and famous Ragnarok.

Until the arrival of this day, Heimdal keeps his guard drinking fine mead in his wonderful home Himinbjörg, which is where the Bifröst ends.

It is a god very well endowed with faculties from birth, born especially to care for and ensure the safety of the gods.

He is known as the god of order, coming to fight with Loki, the god of deception that we also know in the films of Thor, in this battle Heimdal pursued and fought against Loki for the necklace of the goddess Freyja, which recovered and saved the earth.

Even if he didn't, knowing that Heimdal was undoubtedly the protector god of other gods, could he be the protector of the legendary mead that his father loved so much?

It is true that in his dwelling Himiinbjörg, mead abounded.

Tell us, do you think Heimdal also protected Odin's favorite drink?

And if so, long live Heimdal, Guardian of Asgard!


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