High quality honey to make our rich Hidromiel

High quality honey to make our rich Hidromiel


Current labeling laws allow honey producers to name a honey after the majority component, so just because you buy "clover honey" in the store doesn't mean that bees only feed on clover flowers.

This is one of the reasons we strive to get to know our fellow beekeepers and to maintain our own hives. When we use a varietal name in honey, we mean it.

High quality honey to make Hidromiel

Because bees can feed for up to a kilometer, hives that are not surrounded by a monoculture usually end up collecting nectar from a wide range of flowers. That's why the flower the bees feed on the most is indicated.

Honey quality Hidromiel

Honey is essentially the coffee of the insect world: bees carry the nectar in a special honey stomach and regurgitate it among themselves until their digestive enzymes transform the sugars for long-term storage. After depositing the digested nectar in the honeycomb, the bees fan it with their wings to evaporate something. From the water and cover it with wax for safe storage.

The process by which bees create honey is just as wonderful as the taste of honey.

We at Valhalla Hidromiel, always have a thousand of first quality. We always use honey from the same beekeepers so that the taste of our rich mead is the same.

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    • Tania
    • 2018-12-11 17:38:10
    Llevo tiempo investigando sobre la hidromiel, y he llegado por casualidad a vuestro blog. Me encanta, enhorabuena. Hay muchos productos en el mercado, lo que diferencia a unos de otros es la calidad de sus ingredientes. Yo personalmente prefiero pagar un poco más, porque nadie da duros a cuatro pesetas. Lo barato, ya se sabe Me ha gustado mucho que tengáis en cuenta contar que trabajáis con la mejor materia prima. Ahora ya no tengo excusas para probar vuestra hidromiel. gracias !! Ya tenéis una seguidora por aquí, y esperando más cosas interesantes. :) Salu2 !!!
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