Jörmundgander; Midgard's Snake


The snakes, that fascinating and loved animal at the same time that repulsive and feared as much by some people as by others. If you are one of those people who are passionate about snakes, you will love today's post.

He is one of those mythological beings who leave no one indifferent, whether by their appearance or by their history.

Jörmundgander, also known in Nordic mythology as "Midgard's Serpent", is said to be the giant serpent that envelops the world of humans until the arrival of Ragnarok.


Its origin and exile


This monstrous being comes from the descendants of Loki as father and the giant Angrboda, who gave birth to other giant beings such as the wolf Fenrir, which we see accompanying the evil Hela in the already named film "Thor: Ragnarok".

The snake Jörmundgander was banished when he learned the terrible things he would do. That is why Odin threw Jörmundgander deep into Midgard's oceans, even going so far as to say that the gigantic snake could surround the whole world by biting its tail.

Nothing could stop her now, for the fate of Ragnarok was already written. The great thunder god Thor was his direct enemy and rival to beat.

They faced each other up to three times. The first two turned Thor into Jörmundgander's nemesis.


The challenge


Loki on one of his many trips, accompanied by his brother Thor, ended up arriving at the kingdom of the giant Útgarða-Loki. He wanted to have fun, so he proposed a series of tests to show that the giants were much more powerful than they were in all aspects.

This is how Thor was challenged to raise a giant cat, which was none other than Jörmundgander in disguise. However, the god of thunder managed to lift one of his four legs, since lifting the colossal snake was totally impossible. However, this feat is one of the most impressive acts achieved at the hands of a god.


The party with mead


It is said that at one of the festivities organised in the palace of Ægir they came across an unforeseen event which Thor would take care of. Ægir did not have in his domains a boiler large enough to prepare mead and supply the guests of the party.

In this way Thor went in search of Hymer, the father of the god of war, to ask him to lend him his colossal cauldron. Naturally, Hymer wasn't going to give up his boiler without anything in return. Thor and he went out to fish and the sea took them deep into the most remote depths, until they reached the domains of Jörmundgander. Without going any further, Thor willing to fish him threw his rod and the Midgard snake beak, thus throwing poison into the sea.

Hymer who did not want to die when he saw the colossal snake short the line, thus avoiding its shipwreck. When Hymer returned, he was impressed with Thor's strength and when he arrived at his home, he gave him his large boiler so that Thor could prepare huge quantities of mead.


The great struggle


The arrival of Ragnarok brought Jörmundgander out of the oceans in search of where Thor was to finally fight his great enemy whom he had held great hatred and resentment.

In this epic battle, the god of thunder finally managed to defeat his monstrous adversary, paying with his life for the feat achieved, due to the poison of Jörmundgander.

We will toast with our mead horn to Thor and his fascinating fortress.


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