Mead and its varieties

Mead and its varieties


The world of mead is becoming wider and wider in terms of varieties.

As with everything in the market, our product grows according to how our public's preferences make it and the way in which they make us participants in their expectations.

From Valhalla Hidromiel we put special care in getting new flavors and experiences for consumers like you, who -as you know- we consider an important part of the growth of our brand.

Today we can boast of the creation of different types of mead with an interesting range of flavors that also look different from each other.

As a regular visitor to our products, you will see that the Valhalla Hidromiel range has different colours and labelling depending on the factors explained below.

In addition to all this, we can assure that none of the different varieties of this Nordic elixir leaves anyone indifferent.

Each type of authentic Valhalla mead has its preferred segment within the group of fans to this enjoyment for the palate.


For tastes, mead.


There are those who prefer it drier; with a higher alcohol content; sweeter; with a more intense fruity aroma and, of course, the classic Valhalla Hidromiel, the latter without any type of variation in its composition.

We are all used to the classic variety (we believe), but we have to be open to new sensations, and that is what we are constantly concerned about from our development department.

Our laboratory is not even gigantic, although we assure the same hygiene and identical zeal to protect each stage of the elaboration.

We are very proud of one thing, and it is to have a space that is cosy, intimate and personal. An environment of innovation that concentrates all our knowledge in each new bottle that you subsequently discover and enjoy.

The awakening to new and suggestive sensations is the culmination of a whole complex process and a disproportionate care and attention to detail. It's what you notice and it's what you always tell us, and that requires us to be better every day.

Today the article is about you knowing that there is a Valhalla Hidromiel for every moment. Do you want to know them? We're as impatient as you are, so there they go:




Like wine, mead also has different denominations.

Like Polish meads, within which they also distinguish their different designations (póltorak, dwójniak, trójniak and czwórniak, in order of least to most alcohol), in our national product, manufacturing and packaging also distinguishes between proportions of alcohol and honey.


Our varieties


As we have already explained to you in previous entries, mead was the favorite drink of great emperors such as Julius Caesar, in addition to being associated with the Nordic mythological divinities, being Odin (deity of wisdom, war and death) the greatest exponent, who, on the other hand, consumed this tasty drink in all its festivities.

Our research has led us to expand the manufacturing process to four varieties of mead.

But there's more, because we haven't just suggested different combinations, we've been inspired by what our ancestors preferred.

As you can see, behind Valhalla there is not a process of pure and hard production but a documentary work that expands beyond public inventories and accessible to the average mortal.


1.- Traditional Valhalla


Inspired by the mead consumed by the Vikings, such as King Ragnar Lodbrok.

It has a straw-coloured melon and its cloudy appearance makes it easy to identify, as this mead is neither filtered nor clarified. This is, and must be, so as to guarantee the elaboration of an artisan product, unique and with its own character.

It is the perfect choice for those who prefer natural mead.


2.-Valhalla Freyja


The denomination responds to our small homage to Freyja (Freya for many), one of the most known goddesses of the Nordic and Germanic mythology next to the goddess Frigg.

In mythological compilations, Freyja was the goddess of love, but also of beauty and fertility. However, these traits - traditionally associated with femininity - were conjugated with a personality associated with war and the occult sciences. It was called upon as having powers to predict the outcome of conflicts and to attract abundance.

Hidromiel Valhalla Freyja has a suggestive intense pink colour as a consequence of the addition of red fruits in its composition. For us, red can be associated with both strength and delicacy, male or female is the least, don't you think?

On the other hand, it follows a filtering process in several phases that gives it a crystalline aspect.

Intense, vigorous, suggestive and inimitable. Valhalla in its purest form.


3.- Valhalla double honey


Also known as "melomiel" in ancient times.

Our "double honey" has a characteristic intense old gold colour, very bright.

As its name suggests, it is made from a larger quantity of natural honey, which gives it an intense floral aroma with aromas of dried figs and raisins.

Whoever proves it, makes it his forever.


4.- Classic Valhalla


Classic for being inspired by the favorite drink of Gaius Julius Caesar, the great Roman politician and strategist.

Its straw yellow aspect harmonizes with unmistakable golden sparkles that give it a clean and brilliant appearance. Its aroma of white fruits is another characteristic that differentiates it from the rest of the range.

Our favorite? All of them!

Each one of them in a situation, but always in the company of someone who appreciates, as we do, the value of what is genuine and exclusive.

And you, which mead do you choose? Shall we toast?

Don't get mead for Valhalla.

Good morning and good health!

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