Mead reaches the hotel and catering trade for consumption

Mead reaches the hotel and catering trade for consumption

That mead has burst again in terms of alcoholic beverages is something that we have already seen in many places, it is true that after thousands of years this drink that was so popular in the past today returns to make a name among its most direct competitors, beer and wine.

The mead had its fame in ancient Rome and Mediterranean countries where wine reigned, Julius Caesar made it his favorite drink and in the Nordic countries was also the most popular. Being the oldest alcoholic beverage fell into disuse and only then in those countries where no wine arrived and no money to buy it continued to prepare mead.

Mead reaches the hotel trade

This drink is coming back to life and becomes popular again among its great competitors, many times we have seen it on the big screen, movies like Robin Hood by Ridley Scott, Beowulf or the mythical film The Vikings by Richard Fleischer.

Well, now surprises us entering fully into the world of hospitality, many are the restaurants and bars that include among their alcoholic beverages the mead.

Mead to the hotel trade

We have it in different variations semi-sweet, classic, double-honey, like its competitors such as artisanal beers, we have it in many varieties.

Consumption of hotel mead


It is not surprising that mead customers ask about their favourite drink in restaurants and bars, as it is a product that is being marketed more and more every day in the hotel and catering trade.

Thanks to its great acceptance and its wonderful taste many are the hoteliers who bet on including it in their business, since it is a perfect drink for any occasion, whether it is a gathering of friends, a celebration or simple tasting with any dish.

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