Mead the favorite drink of Odin and Valhalla


Odin as many of us know is the main god in Nordic mythology, the father of many other gods such as the example of Thor the god of thunder.

Thanks to his power is recognized by all to be the god of war, wisdom and death. Besides being the ruler of Asgard where Valhalla was said to be, the great hall of the fallen, where half of the dead in combat went, chosen by Odin himself to travel there.

Mead the favorite drink of Odin

In Nordic mythology on Wednesday the day of Odin also the first Germanic peoples worshipped Odin with the name of Wotan or Woden, which gives rise to the English word "Wednesday". Day in which they celebrated with their popular drink the mead.

For the Vikings, mead was the only food of the god Odin. Many Nordic epic songs recite the properties of this drink, the function it had in its meetings and its life after death in the paradise of Valhalla, where they drank mead for all eternity.

Mead the favorite drink in Valhalla

The history of mead in Nordic mythology also tells that whoever drank mead would provide wisdom.

They say this was due to the story of two dwarf brothers who murdered the wisest Viking god in existence, Kvasir. They took her blood and hid it in a cauldron mixing it with honey and this led to mead.

Remember Wednesday as Odin Day, toast with mead.

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