The Viking world and its cities


Every day we know new stories and legends of the Vikings, warriors of a force and abilities in battle over human. Wielding weapons of great power, axes and swords that would make any army tremble, at least that's how it was before thousands of enemies and cultures that came to fight with them.

Today we can visit some of the places and cities through which they passed and in which they left a sign of their history, here we bring some of those places.

The Scandinavian forests from which the Vikings extracted the wood for the creation of their boats, the famous "drakkar", enormous boats, feared by all enemies and with which they reached high speeds. Who tells us that Floki did not use this wood from the Scandinavian forests to create Ragnar's ships?


The Temple of the Viking Gods: UPPSALA


Uppsala was located between mountains and glaciers, where the UPPSALA temple was located, a place where rituals and sacrifices were performed in honor of their gods, specifically Odin, Thor and Frey. There used to be sacrifices of all kinds, animals of all species including men.


Ribe, Denmark's oldest Viking village


Denmark has a lot of Viking stories and legends, where even today we can visit some of the places where they settled.

De Ribe is said to be the oldest town in Denmark, as the Vikings were great traders, had one of the most famous ports in which many business and exchanges were carried out.

Today we can visit Ribe and learn all about its history in depth by entering its Viking museum in Ribe or in the life-size reconstruction of the city's Viking market.


Isle of Man


This island between England and Ireland has a democratic parliament, becoming one of the oldest in history. The Vikings marked this land with their political system and some remains such as castles and runic crosses. To make this place known, its inhabitants hold the annual Tynwald parliamentary meeting, the name by which the democratic parliament was known.


L'Anse aux Meadows


It is called the conquest of America, as Viking voyages and explorations went far, reaching Canadian shores. Here is L'Anse aux Meadows where these Vikings arrived and which today is a World Heritage Site.


The land of Erik the Red: Greenland


Of course we told you about Erik the Red and his arrival in Greenland, where they settled a large number of inhabitants, coming to live in fjords which reminded their homeland. A long time later they would end up abandoning these lands.

These are just a few of the many places our Viking friends visited and others where they came to live. We know there are many, many more.

Will you help us discover them?

Happy day!

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