The Vikings series and its famous mead drink

The Vikings series and its famous mead drink

In the first place today few are the people who do not know the series "Vikings" and a large part are fans or followers of it. We are all excited about the story and adventures of the great Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok and his friends and family, a series that leaves no one indifferent.


The drink of meetings

The most observers or fans of the series have surely noticed or wondered what is the drink that they all have? During their meetings, celebrations or those mythical debates to which we are accustomed.


Some will think that it is beer, others will believe that it is wine because of the antiquity of the time. But no, the drink we are talking about and consumed by our beloved Vikings is mead, the oldest drink in history.

Mead the famous drink of the Vikings series

It is true that in the series we see that this drink usually has a color familiar to beer and in some cases reddish as wine, this is due to variations in mixtures of yeasts and other ingredients that was added to mead apart from its main ingredients water and honey.


Throughout history many variations of mead were prepared and in the series "Vikings" we see that they make good use of this drink and that as the story tells it used to be the favorite drink because it was believed that Odin only fed on mead.


The drink of the Viking gods

During this series that we are so passionate about, we see how even before the battles they used to drink mead because it was a drink that made them euphoric.

With our Valhalla mead we have made possible the original mead of the Vikings.


Valhalla (hall of the fallen) in Nordic mythology represents a huge hall that was in the city of Asgard ruled by Odin. Half of those killed in combat and chosen by Odin went to Valhalla.

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