Viking horn excellent for drinking mead

Viking horn excellent for drinking mead

Everyone knows the famous Viking horn. We have seen recreations in cinemas and series of how our Nordic ancestors drank their drink in this container. In our mind we associate them with alcoholic beverages, but the truth is that the Vikings used the horn to consume all kinds of liquids, be it water, milk or, of course as we thought, alcoholic beverages. A good mead taken in Viking horn cannot be absent!

On the other hand, it should be noted that this container was not only used by our beloved Vikings, but was also used in different cultures of our history, especially in northern Europe.

Many legends mention the Viking horn. He has been represented in various stories of Viking mythology naming their gods. There are many legends about Thor, the god of thunder, with this wonderful vessel.

A curious fact is that not everyone drank in Viking horn. People of power used to have utensils that were given greater prestige such as gold or silver vessels. In fact, these glasses were highly traded goods among wealthy people.


Creation of the horn


Viking horns in ancient times used to be made with the antlers of sheep and cattle. Nowadays, they have been modernized, other types of materials are often used to create these horn-shaped containers and thus be able to paint and decorate our horn to taste. In addition, there are also those who add ornaments such as strings or supports.


Viking horns today


Today we can retrieve these containers and taste in them our favorite drink, either a beer or, of course, our magnificent mead.

The dream of any fan of Nordic mythology is to have a good Viking horn, drink mead on it and feel like our favourite characters.

Although at this time of year it is more normal to see Viking horns as decoration than as a drinking vessel. There are tastes for everything.

And you, what would you use the Viking horn for?

Remember that if you are looking for an authentic Viking horn to taste our delicious mead, in Valhalla you have it for sale here.

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