How to prepare mead and where to get it


Hidromiel refers to an alcoholic beverage that comes from the fermentation of yeast from honey diluted in water. On a more technical level, mead is an alcoholic beverage where more than 50% of fermented sugars come from honey.

Today we already know it because of its popularity in ancient history.

Its history is popular among beverages but fell into decline for several reasons, mainly by fermentations that lasted much longer than desired, by the emergence of new blends or competition with beer and wine that were their rivals to beat.

How to prepare a rich mead

But this peculiar drink has not always been maintained with more or less popularity, certain is that we are seeing how its fame resurfaces again with great brands.

It is true that this drink is much easier to prepare and virtually anyone could make it at home without large investments.

Is it easy to prepare mead?

From our point of view as companies specialised in its preparation, we must tell you that it is not easy to prepare it.

On the internet you can get many simple recipes. But it's not easy to get the right grade of alcohol. Or that it has the taste of authentic Viking mead.

You will also need a suitable place for your fermentation. Keep an eye on the right CO2. And the time needed for its proper production.

It's like you want to make your own beer. The processes are more complicated than what they try to tell you with homemade recipes.

Mead the same as that of the Romans

In our factory located in Seville we prepare the richest mead in Europe. So don't think twice about it and buy our rich Viking drink.

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